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Kenn Mengert » Mr. Mengert's Philosophy of Education

Mr. Mengert's Philosophy of Education

 I believe that everyone is entitled to a fulfilling and meaningful education. By developing a strong educational foundation each individual has the power to apply knowledge and training to a chosen career field. Education should not only include the core subjects of writing, reading, and arithmetic, but also those subjects that awaken the creative mind. Subjects like art, drama, music and poetry should also be included in school curriculums. In todays world teachers must learn to compete with things like, video games, blockbuster movies, and computers. Children have many more distractions today. This fact requires teachers to think of creative ways to keep students interested in  the content they are teaching. I believe strongly that all people have a contribution to make to society. Educators can help them make this contribution, by giving them the tools they need to succeed. 
        Education should not only seek to pass on knowledge, but should also teach people to think. In order for society to grow and change for the positive good. It is necessary to empower the individual with the ability to problem solve, think constructively, and creatively.


Welcome Parent's, I just set up Class Dojo. I hope this is helpful in this trying time. I will be checking in regularly and hope everyone is able to join us. Please feel free to communicate with me, any questions or concerns you are having with the currently assigned paper and pencil classwork and review. Online activities and lesson plans are on there way soon. We will be using LAUSD Zoom, for online teacher lead lessons. I will be letting you and your students know what time everyone should log on for these. Your student should have their school email and login information to complete Google Classroom, My Math, Benchmark Language Arts, Impact History lessons, and other lessons and activities, that I will be assigning in our online formats, coming soon. If they forgot their usernames and passwords don't worry I will be able to provide those.