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Parent Resources/Forms

All parents must register for the district's learning management portal before school begins on August 16, to ensure access to grades and keep track of their child's progress. To have access, parents must create a parent account through the LAUSD Parent Access . Then, in order to access your child's account, you must add each child individually but you must have their LAUSD ID and pin number. The school office will assist you in obtaining your child's pin and ID if you do not have it. Send a request by clicking here. If you need further assistance, please call the school office.
Start this process today to ensure you will have your account ready in time. Do not wait.
Todos los padres deben registrarse en el portal de administración de aprendizaje del distrito antes de que comience la escuela el 16 de agosto, para garantizar el acceso a las calificaciones y realizar un seguimiento del progreso de sus hijos. Para tener acceso, los padres deben crear una cuenta para padres a través del Acceso para Padres del LAUSD. Luego, para acceder a la cuenta de su hijo, debe agregar a cada niño individualmente, pero debe tener su ID de LAUSD y su número PIN. La oficina de la escuela lo ayudará a obtener el pin y la identificación de su hijo si no lo tiene. Envíe una solicitud haciendo clic aquí. Si necesita más ayuda, llame a la oficina de la escuela.


Comience este proceso hoy para asegurarse de que tendrá su cuenta lista a tiempo. No espere.


Step 1/ Paso 1: 
Log in to Parent Portal and register/ Inicie sesión en el Portal para padres y regístrese:
Step 2/Paso 2:  This video shows you how to add each student once you have their ID and Pin number./Este video muestra cómo agregar a cada estudiante una vez que tenga su identificación y número PIN.
• VIDEO from Parent Portal:
• Parent Portal Parent Resources:
• Los Angeles Unified Hotline Support (213) 443-1300
Printable Instructions/Instrucciones Imprimibles:
Emergency Card
Please use the following forms to help us update any student information. Please complete, print and submit to the school's main office as soon as possible and as many times needed during the school year.
Moving? Need to transfer your child to another school?

If you are planning to move and you need to transfer your child to another school, please complete the form below and submit to the school office 24 hours before your child's official last day of attending Shenandoah Elementary.

Health Insurance for Students

By law, most people are now required to have health insurance or pay a penalty when they file their taxes. Through Covered California, a program from the state of California, qualified legal residents of California and their families can compare health insurance plans and enroll in the one that works best for their needs and budget. Financial assistance is available to qualifying individuals and families to help them pay for health insurance premiums. This means the federal government may pay a portion of the health insurance premium. Individuals and families may also qualify for Medi-Cal benefits.

Visit to learn more, compare health insurance plans, choose the one that best fits your needs and enroll online. For free, confidential, in-person help, in your area, visit or call (800) 300-1506.

The open-enrollment period to enroll in Covered California health insurance plans happens once a year. Once the open-enrollment period closes, you may enroll in a Covered California health plan only if you have a qualifying life event that makes you eligible to apply. Some examples of qualifying life events are: losing your health coverage, getting married, moving outside your plan’s coverage area, having a baby and turning 26. To see if you qualify, visit To enroll during this time, you must apply within 60 days of your qualifying life event. For more information and to find free, confidential, in-person help in your area, visit or call (800) 300-1506.

Undocumented and non-citizen or permanent-resident parents should not fear that applying on behalf of their children or dependents, who may be eligible for health coverage, will result in deportation or other immigration-related actions. For more clarification, read the Immigrations and Customs Enforcement memo on health enrollment and immigration at in English and in Spanish.